Welcome to my new nest. Its a big mess of boxes and clothing right now but it's blossoming a little more every day as it becomes my living quarters as well as my studio. Bubblegum pink walls liven up the mess in the meantime. These days I am piling up my hair and bundling up in faux fur. Working hard all day and exploring in the evening. My life changes drastically from one week to the next right now but having all my belongings in one place finally means a whole lot of great things to come! I can't wait!

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  1. Bubblgum pink walls and leopard print ensembles? I love u so much! Glad your starting to get settled in NYC

  2. Laura Svec says:

    Stella you are so fabulous. Always! I'll be home for the holidays- if I find myself in manhattan, we should grab a bite!

  3. Isabel says:

    Pink walls and leopard print!! This is pretty much the most exciting blog post I've seen in weeks.

  4. Aw thanks ladies!
    Laura-Yes! You better come in to the city! I want to see you!

  5. HELL YES! Awesome gif too. You are living art boo.