Last month I payed a much needed visit to Manic Panic during their big weekend sale which  featured discounts on popular items as well as a couple racks of vintage from the closet's of Tish and Snooky themselves! I took home some a couple hair dye's and some false lashes plus a pair of retro pink silk pants. I also nearly cried when Snooky told me the Manic Panic liquid eyeliner had been discontinued. Was anyone else out there as devoted to that stuff as I was? Nothing else compares.
Tish and Snooky are family friends and I hadn't visited the Manic Panic headquarters since I was 16. It's pretty magical in there and I love looking at all their press clippings posted on the walls. The ladies look beautiful in pink and purple, don't you think? Not only are these women true originals who pioneered one of the worlds first wild cosmetics companies, they are also amazing musicians famous for their unforgettable role in punk band The Sic F*ks throughout the 80's. I've been dying my hair with this stuff for years and after being a blonde for the last several months I'm thinking of adding a hint of color again for winter. Do you have a favorite Manic Panic color?

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  1. Cat says:

    The first time I used Manic Panic was only last Christmas, but I had been eyeing the colours for more than a couple of years up to that point. I used Vampire Red and could NOT get over how amazing it looked on my dark brown hair. I'm so getting more.

  2. So awesome that they are family friends. Manic Panic was my first hair color love. I couldn't help but get it everywhere. You'd find hot pink hand prints on my walls and other places. I was sure that if I slept in the color (without rinsing that it would last longer.)

    My favorites were Vampire Red and Hot Hot Pink. I think I even tried purple haze once.

  3. Ha, I think I went a few times without rinsing mine too.

  4. Snooky says:

    I've slept in it a few times...I did rinse it out in the morning though...
    it did seem to make it last longer...

  5. Wow, what an incredible time and place to be Stella. I admire you for doing what it took to get yourself out there and be visible with your life and your work so that these once in a lifetime experiences could be yours to hold. *tear*

  6. I've never used Manic Panic, but now I ih I had tried that eyeliner!

  7. I've done nearly every color. Have to say that the yellow made me look sick, but green,red orange,purple and all the blues looked good on me. Que Viva Manic Panic!!!

  8. Snooky knows best!
    Brenda-Aw shucks! And this is only the beginning!

  9. Elaine says:

    Manic Panic is awesome, love it, my friends shop sells it here in the UK so I get a discount :-)