photos by 24 hour party people and ???

Told you I was changing my hair! Here it is with a little effort from me and William Scott Blair of Seagull Salon! I am totally crazy about the length. I've wanted long hair since I was 17 but I abuse it so much that the grow out challenging. I'm gonna let the color fade a bit but I love the way it glows in the first photo.
These were taken at the Candy Magazine party I attended with my friend January hosted by Terry Richardson and Chloe Sevigny. I told Chloe the story of the last time I saw her which felt a bit like a russian doll of celebrity sightings. I also met Jeremy Scott and tried not to drool all over myself! Everyone was really nice except for the male model that didn't apologize after spilling vodka on my dress...
I guess I should start going out more in New York. I mean, now that I have great hair I have no excuse right?
More pics here, here, here, and here.

P.S. Check this new interview with me on Disheveled Trend!

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  1. I love that colour, really suits you and looks gorgeous with that pink bag!

  2. I'm loving the hair!! Looks gorgeous on you!

  3. In love with your hair! Not many could pull it off.



  4. Claire says:

    Woah! Your hair is just perfect! The colour and length is so so beautiful and alien like!

  5. CHRISTMAS ENVY you're exactly the right shade. I love it! Congratulations on getting your turbans out there in Wild! <3