I took the glitter collar prototype out for a spin last night and it attracted lots of attention everywhere it went! I paired it with a navy ensemble and a milk maid braid.
After cutting a stack of these babies back in October I had to toss them on to a shelf and push them toward the back of my mind while I dealt with moving, and then working busy day jobs through the holiday season. I'm now finding the time to start what doing what I moved to NYC to do and that means collar assembly starts this week! Aren't you excited?
I'm toying with a few small details in the design but I'm so happy I have time to release them! They will be available in limited supply as of now ( the material is hard to come by) but hopefully that will change. What do you think? Stay tuned for more updates about their release!

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  1. Erin says:

    utterly adorable!!!! I love it :)


  2. meagan says:

    glitter collars so, so necessary.

  3. TalulaB says:

    One of your glitter collars is at the top of my collar wish list - which is HUGE


  4. That collar is awesome! One of my favorite ones I have seen.

  5. You always put a unique spin on things and have a way of making them DISTINCTLY you. I think that's a special talent, and that you are too. You've been dressing SO GOOD since you've been in NYC, I loved your blog before.. but dayum! Beautiful, addictive, genuine. You and the collars!

  6. I'm so glad you all like them! They will be done very soon. I've been blasting through them!
    Brenda- You leave the nicest comments! I'm glad you think the blog is getting better! I'm always working on reinventing it little by little.