Here I am with my hands on The Wild Magazine editorial styled by Edda Gudman featuring my turban! I'm still waiting on my own copy. The model wearing my hat looks like Lara Stone. Chances of it being Lara Stone? Slim.
I cut my face out of the photo because I looked like I was melting. It was one of those surprise excitement faces that you inevitably make when something amazing happens or like, when you meet a celebrity and they agree to take a picture with you and you think to yourself "I'm totally gonna show this photo to EVERYONE"! and then you turn out looking like a melty idiot and you pretend you never got a photo in the first place...
Thanks to Guest of a Guest I have a much more reasonable photo posted above.
You can order a copy of The Wild Magazine via their website.

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  1. I bet your over the moon! This is amazing and she really does look like Lara Stone!



  2. CONGRATULATIONS! PS I love your latest sparkles AND the furban. You are too much! The absolute end!

  3. Oh my god your haircolor is beautiful! That's the way I am going to paint my room. I had a similar haircolor once.
    and congradulations!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm very excited!