This is the color my mint hair faded into- green-blonde. I remember having this hair color when I was 16 years old and feeling super punk rock. I would wear vintage slips for dresses and too much eyeliner and taped together black boots.
I wore my hair in these little buns for 3 days straight without combing them because I liked the rattiness and because my hair was making me nostalgic for high school when I favored bleaching over brushing and would dye my friends hair during lunch break.
Anyway, who can guess what I'm doing with my hair next?? Hint: I put my idea up on Twitter!

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  1. MadAmbure says:

    Your brows are perfection !


  2. You have the loveliest eyebrows haha

  3. DEI says:

    Your brows are perfection. And I adore your hair! If only I could pull off such a color. :/

  4. Thanks ladies! I pencil the outsides of my brows to get a good arch.