That's right ladies! It's almost here! My latest creation, the glitter collar will be up for sale in just over a week and I couldn't be more excited! The collar features pure silver glitter fabric lined in velvet so it stays soft against your skin. It ties together in a lovely string bow which accents the velvety decorative trim.
Each collar is handmade and will retail for $50.
What I'm especially excited about, however, is the fact that I finally tracked down this sought after glitter material which means more collars for ALL of you! Now who's excited?
Start saving. The first wave of glitter collars is about to launch!


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  1. Heaven :) says:

    They so beautiful! I literally cannot wait ha ha. :)

  2. most definately getting one! perfect for everything that just seems too plain to wear by itself. I love it!

  3. Maya says:

    glitter lips, perfectly done!

  4. Thank you ladies! Your opinion means so much!

  5. Um, I'M EXCITED! Where did you find it? Or can you give that away :p

  6. I found it through a UK distributor. Shipping it here will be hell but worse if I was still in Seattle, I guess!