Doe Deer, the prettiest russian doll on the West Coast and founder of Lime Crime makeup sent me a wonderful collection of goodies last week which I decided to display along side some of my "well loved" LC lipsticks (you can tell which ones I had prior because they are so worn down)!
I'm crazy about all these new shades and am totally loving the China Doll Palate but I think my favorite product so far is Lime Crime's "retrofuturist" candy red lipstick. How candy red you ask? I think these photos do it justice. We're talking shiny bright carnauba wax glazed cinnamon heart candy red. The yummy smell is even more incentive to follow John Waters advice and "eat your makeup".
Instead I opted to wear my makeup and ingest far more cinnamon hearts than I intended during the shooting of these images. Miraculously I am eating them again right now and I have yet to become sick of them. I mean, how could I?
But why did Doe Deer send me all these candy colored treats?? Surely there was a reason? Well "deers", there is. An awesome reason! But I can't tell you now. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself. In the mean time, take the glitter in these pictures as a mega hint. ;)
Which Lime Crime lipstick is YOUR favorite?

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  1. W says:

    FUN!! But oh god! Why is the yellow lipstick discontinued?!?

  2. ALL OF THEM ! <3 And I love the JW quote, I'm doing a whole project on him at the moment. I'm a little bit in love and I think D'LILAC and MINT TO BE are my faves :) I wonder if I could pull MTB off ....

  3. They look amazing. Nice pictures!

  4. Allison says:

    You lucky girl! Lime Crime products are so amazing. My favorite shade is D'lilac, but sadly it would look kind of weird with my skin tone.

  5. I'm glad everyone loves D'Lilac so much. It was one of the first ones I bought, back when I had matching hair!

  6. Ginger says:

    I basically love every shade, but particularly Mint to Be, D'Lilac, and My Beautiful Rocket. Sadly, I must love them all from afar, 'cause I'm simply too poor to purchase.

  7. Ginger <3 They do giveaways a lot!

  8. I love "mint to be" but it's sooo drying :/

  9. It's just because of the high concentration of pigment. you can cut it with lip balm to thin the chalkyness that comes with the pastel territory or top it with a thick gloss.