I've received a number of requests for "a tour of my room" from curious readers that are sick of simply catching glimpses of it in my lazy outfit posts (i.e. the ones I couldn't be bothered to shoot outside). This inspired me to first clean and reorganize my room (something my own mother could never even get me to do) and finally, shoot some lovely photos of it all for you dear ever growing number of readers. Since I can't have you all over for tea, pink champagne, and jordan almonds; here is a glimpse into my current space:

This is my beside table. I keep a rose scented candle, a candy dish full of cinnamon hearts, a Wetsey Betsey doll, and some catholic children's books on it. The magazine stack is made up of vintage Playboys I've picked up at junk shops as well as a catalogue of female impersonators from San Francisco club Finocchio's circa the mid 1960's.

This was my grandparents poodle or, as I call it, my inheritance poodle!

I've had this plush bed spread printed with The Virgin Mary and roses for years!

This is an early poster of my drag baby Amoania from the first Hey Tranny It's Tranny party which is now in it's third year in Seattle! You can also see my clothing racks as well as my extensive beret collection!

I use vintage night gowns and house coats as curtains. They look good on too.

My friend Erik dropped this on my doorstep on my birthday a few years ago which wasn't surprising to me at all. I've kept her ever since even though she's kind of sticky...

This is my modest feather hat collection. If any of you stumble upon any mesh feather hats in your vintage adventures, send them my way! You'll be invited to the color coded feather hat tea party I will one day throw when I've obtained enough of them! The rest are various vintage and/or handmade hats and one custom wig I created and wore to gogo at a Labyrinth theme party several years ago (I was a fire gang dancer).

I like these dolls because the girl is pretty in sort of a rough way and the baby only has one eye.

Remember that hat? Well I'll be manufacturing them soon so keep watch!

This is a portable 45 player I found in the garbage. It's missing a needle so I like to display photos of stewardesses, my mothers plastic rosary, and other vintage goodies on it. I want to get it fixed soon so I can listen to my Little Peggy March: Wind Up Doll 45 as loud as it can go on repeat while I cry. Those red heels are my favorite pair of shoes. I can't wear them any more because they're falling apart. I bought them at Value Village when I was 18 for $3.00.

These are the things I keep above my bed which include a portrait someone painted of my grandmother that she never really liked, a picture of my favorite place in St. Joseph Missouri, and a polaroid of me dancing with a huge vegan sausage. I keep my colored straw hats on this wall as well as the front of a sweatshirt my friend Gina custom made me in high school which is one of my most favorite possessions. 

My cat enjoys using this cum rag from my favorite gay bar in Seattle as a blanket.

I don't have many books but I do have an impressive collection of VHS tapes which I highlight with the pulp novel Love Cheat and a photo my mom took of Nina Hagen in the early 1980's.

My grandma gave me this pink quilted satin organizer which I keep an assortment of jewelry and french candies in.

You have to find artful ways to display your hats when you own as many as I do. The giant black straw hat is one of my favorites, especially for drag!

I keep all my hair in this vintage leopard wig box. I get music from Hedwig and the Angry Inch stuck in my head every time I look at it.

I hope you've enjoyed my room as much as I did up until last night when a giant water bug crawled under my door and proceeded to run frantically around my cat until roommate smashed it with my studded boot which took an unusually large amount of lysol and paper towels to clean up. The moral of the story is, even the cleanest of rooms are not safe from roaches the size of your hand but at least they look good in photos. XO from NYC!

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  1. Oh...my...gosh...your room is a vintage DREAM. It looks like the inside of an antique kitschy store...the pages of a fashion editorial. DROOOLLL....I can't believe how perfect this is.

    The Quiet Spaces

  2. I love your room, it's so pretty and the space is used in really original ways. *-*

  3. love your room! i just bought a vintage 8 x 10 of a poodle at an estate sale after i saw a glimpse of yours in the post about your grandfathers house. i'm in love with it!

  4. Vivian says:

    Thanks for sharing, you have interesting taste, your room is pink, but its not "girly", it looks very vintage, I like it :) The poodle picture is really nice, and "I hate myself, I want to die" just killed me :)

  5. Your room is so amazing, you have some neat stuff.

  6. Heaven :) says:

    love it! love it! Im surprised you havent just covered your walls with all of your hats haha.

  7. Oh WOW what an amazing room - I would spend hours just looking at everything like a mini museum! :) x

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. i love your room it looks so unique and cosy and the heart shape hat looks great too :)

  10. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you love it as much as I do! I'm glad my poodle picture has inspired another poodle picture! Also, I'm working on filling the rest of the wall space with hats because clearly I need some place to put them all! :)

  11. Kailey says:

    oh my god ;_; There is so many things I love about your room it would be impossible to list them all u_u Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us! And I can definitely sympathize with the cockroach situation - I've had countless run ins with those vile creatures >.< Also, I must compliment you on your talent for writing - somehow you made the cockroach story sound almost poetic xo

  12. Angel says:

    How cute!! Reminds me I desperetly need to clean my room. @___@

    I use a vintage nightie as a curtain as well, haha!! It's mint green. I just pinned the arms up across the window. Everyone thinks it's weird. <3

  13. L▲UR▲ says:

    I wish my room was more like this. Yours is so detailed and every item seems to have a long history, everything tells a story.

  14. Aw thank you ladies!
    Kailey, what a sweet comment!

  15. Anonymous says:

    LOVE! Thanks for sharing! (And a good shoe repair can work wonders on those vintage pumps and make them wearable again.)

  16. Your space is just amazing and flamboyant in the best possible way! And you just remonded me about Hedwig, so I think I'm gonna watch the movie again tonight!
    Best greeting from Poland!


  17. That is awesome. cool blog!

  18. Constance says:

    I love your blog! I'm now following you!


  19. Thanks cute ladies! And welcome new followers!