I know many of you are curious about the film I was shooting last week in Seattle and I'm thrilled to share this selection of beautiful production photos with you!
The short, directed by my friend Julia Camp, is about a sinister nurse played by me! It was only the second time I've done film acting but I had a lot of fun and got to wear a super hot fitted vintage nurse uniform (thanks to the tailoring skills of Camille Goodman). It was also great to have friends on board with the project- Blake on makeup and Kevin as DP.
Check out the Nurse Nancy IMDB page, not to be confused with a 1991 porno film of the same name...
I'll have more updates soon. Here's to step by step movie stardom!

6 Responses so far.

  1. You look AMAZING! Love the victory rolls.


  2. heaven :) says:

    You look extra amazzzzing! Let us know when we'll be able to see the final thing :) !

  3. Vivian says:

    Well the nurse is brilliant but you + the vintage pink sweater + victory rolls = WIN! I'm sure you rocked the set!! I wish I could see the movie now!!

  4. Thanks ladies! I think it be will finished sometime in June!

  5. julia says:

    actually planning to be all done with editing by September for an October release ! :)