Photos by Keith Johnson, and Rachel Robinson with Nark Magazine

Remember the days of mile long photo entries from wild Seattle dress up parties? Lets relive those days for a second with a (very large) selection of my favorite shots from Party Schmarty last week at The Oriental Express in Seattle- a series of abandoned train cars linked together to create a combination Chinese restaurant and karaoke night club! My friends Kitten, Ben, and Lou threw together this swanky gathering complete with pompadour sporting gay boys, dance songs about chips, and Donnie Darko bunnies who play twister (best. photo. ever.). I went with my film maker Laura Gatto!
Believe it or not I had all of 10 minutes to get ready for this event thanks to an unexpected high speed ride in a police car trying to track down a gunman on the loose downtown just hours earlier. Imagine me in my best Imagnin vintage skirt speeding through downtown Seattle chasing a crazed gun shooting 17 year old. We never found him and maybe in my case, thats a good thing. I'd hate to spill any blood on my new beaded ivory sweater. The joys of being a witness to a crime...
Anyway, I wore my hair "au natural" and opted for a sophisticated dress from Pretty Parlor. I also went for "elegance face" in nearly every picture. See that? Heavy on the lids, light on the smile. Elegance face. It looks good next to my dear friend Evan who was going for more of a greaser dream boat thing. Ladies? Gents? I think everyone will be dreaming sweetly of Evan after watching him slick back his hair in the mirror. After making sweet love to my gay husband Kevin- the man behind Nark Magazine, and squeezing Blake's giant tits I went home and crashed. I hope to start going out more in NYC, Seattle makes me realize how much I miss it!

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  1. I adore your lovely blonde locks and adorable pink dress in these photos! <33

  2. Amazing pictures and a great outfit!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the lace/tulle gloriousness. Plus, you are super prettttty.

    I NEVER go out anymore. But when I do, it's one of the most fun things to get all dressed up to the 9s Maybe when I'm living in a city I'll start going out again? Dressing up to go out always brings out my inner slut. I miss that..

    love the blog! def gonna follow ya

    x Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks everyone! Peter: I love your inner slut already!