This weekend I am back in Seattle shooting not one but two films! The first I'm starring as a sadistic nurse which we begin filming tomorrow. The second however is my very own documentary, directed by the lovely Laura Gatto. Courtney Love wrote in her memoirs that "one should go through life as though they were being followed by a camera", advice which I aught to take to heart these days.
So far Seattle is cold, grey, and filled with assholes. I'm indulging in all my favorite foods like Pho and cheap burritos and spending my free moments reminiscing about the good ol' days.
Tomorrow we are shooting much of the first film in an abandoned hospital. Creepy photoshoots are sure to come your way.

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  1. So envious, I cannot wait to see them both finished :D I'm already imagining amazing things for your nurses outfit. Can't wait to see ! x

  2. Sabina says:

    I love your outfit here--very Candy Darling.

    Hope you enjoy the film shoots!

  3. That's good advice! also you look fabulous

  4. Thanks everyone! Don't mind the butt!