Photo by Heather East

Take a moment during lunch today to hop on over to Sous Style- A style site on the modern homemaker put together by Pippa Lord, the photo editor of Elle Magazine. I am the cook of the day in their Cook For Me column! Watch me roll around in my glamourous room and then make a batch of bacon flavored tofu in my not-so-glamorous kitchen. Leave a comment under the article if you like what you see! Welcome to an honest view of my home life in the big apple!

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  1. iola says:

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  2. Adoreable and you are a doll in these photos!

  3. The dress you are wearing in the article is beautiful; where is it from?! And, do you sell the heart shaped hats at all/do commissions? I have a special occasion in the future that it would be perfect for! x

  4. Thanks everyone! The dress is actually a vintage night gown! I bought it years ago in NYC. I definitely do commissions on heart hats. Email me vanityqueen@gmail.com