Photos by 24 Hour Party People, Donald Lanziero, and Ryan Du Tout

Don't you miss my days of drag life? If any of you have been following my blog since the beginning you probably remember when I used to turn this shit out several nights a week. I still have tons of costume pieces that have been lying around for over a year waiting to be work out again but I decided to piece together something new for the very first On Top of the season, a legendary NYC party hosted by Susanne Bartsch every Tuesday on top of the Standard Hotel.  Very surreal to be up there. There is a swimming pool surrounded by floor to ceiling windows over looking the city. Everyone was naked and dripping in makeup and champagne! Me and my new friend Tess who just moved from San Fran went and made some new friends. I topped off the night by hugging Sharon Needles who told me I had beautiful eyes. Aaahhhh...
What do you think of Tess and I's sequin brows? We glued them all on and had to scrape them off when we got home hahaha. I'm pretty crazy about how they turned out!
I hope I can start clubbing more often. Sharon loved my wig and I must say I've missed wearing the damn thing...

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  1. Vivian says:

    Wow, girl, you look amazing and those pics! I love your make up! Brows look nice as well, really well done!

  2. Mentioned you in my little blog! :)

    I love those brows. The town I live in is not exactly ready for rhinestone brows, but mayhaps I'll take it upon myself to introduce them. So pretty.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Ashley, aww you are so sweet! I think rhinestone brows need an introduction STAT!

  4. Gina Frey says:

    YES. YES. YES. My faveeee <3

  5. That hat is completely amazing.

  6. I like you hair/hat/eyebrows/ribs. Fabuloush.
    Ashley x

  7. Thanks everyone! I promise more drag soon, Pride is approaching!