A look at the "new romanticism" inspired look I created for Oh You Pretty Things the other night. It was so hot out I'm surprised my brows didn't melt off. As usual I forgot to take photos until the end of the night so my lips look a little worn... It was one of those nights that its actually hotter outside the dance party than inside! I put a lot f my moms pieces to use in this including her blouse, earrings, and velvet jacket.
I'm wearing Sugarpill Tako shadow as well as Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly (on my cheeks) and Lotus Noir from the Chinadoll palate. Lips are lined in Armour Femme Fatale gloss and filled in with Lime Crime Candy Apple Carousel Gloss. Brow's are finished in Ben Nye Aqua Glitter. I also used pastels to color the tips of my hair black.
Do you love my eighties face?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE it! I have a huge sentiment for the 80's, specially so called alternative 80s (goth, cold wave, new romantics)...well, maybe because I actually remember those days ;) hehe, time flies.
    I think it's my favourite post of yours among many other wonderful ones! :) xx


  2. Anonymous says:

    wow, love your makeup. Gorgeous

  3. Ooo I love it so much.


  4. I do love it!! Too good, m'lady.



  5. you look awesomely stylish as always.

  6. love love love it! I saw a picture of you on Shien Lee FB page and immeditaly wanted to see more

  7. Thanks girls! I'll put some of the photos from the party up soon!

  8. Monet says:

    AHHHHHH to die for! Super gorg!!!

  9. Hey again,
    I've been really impressed by your make-up lately, and now I've just received an invitation to my work's summer party (the dress-up theme is "make your inner star sing"), it seems the perfect opportunity to try this Boy George inspired outfit and make-up.
    So first, many thanks for the inspiration - and that is for your blog as a whole, too!
    Second, could you quickly explain how you made your cheekbones make-up? Did ou use rubber tape to create that line?
    Thanks for the help!

  10. Hi La Mome- I'm so sorry I'm just seeing this now. Things have been hectic! Yes, I just used some run of the mill clear cellophane tape. I hope you were able to figure it out! <3

  11. Way to make those post-punk eyebrows your own with a little glitter!