Before I left for Seattle I stitched up a couple of glitter bows for my fabulous friends Kindra and Laura. Special order. I DO do custom pieces ya know! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out and I think I need one asap for myself.
My question for you is would YOU buy one of these? I'm thinking about making more in some other colors for my club minded customers. These might be a side addition to my fall mini collection. Photos of them out and about on Kindra's birthday soon to follow!

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  1. launa says:

    Omg i love these i would definitely buy one !


  2. vimari says:

    YES! i collect hairbows!

  3. I would definitely wear one of these! And I live in TN and have only been to one, crappy club in my life. I'd wear it to parties, which I go to plenty of! LOVE IT!!!

  4. I would totally order them! I love bows love love love...
    I would wear that bad boy grocery shopping

  5. Claire says:

    Sigh, these are completely gorgeous! Bows + glitter=utter fabulousness.

  6. these are so pretty! and the headband actually looks comfortable to wear which is my biggest concern with headbands.

  7. Thanks for the great feedback guys! I'm gonna do some of these for Fall! ;)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love these! Love your style. Totally also makes me want glam glittery men's wear accessories for some reason. Bow ties and bowler hats.

  9. Love the glitter for men idea!

  10. Stella, I really love these glitter bows...all your creations are inspiring. Love your work and you continue to rock it girl. <3

  11. Oh! These look amazing!

  12. I need all 3 colors that this is available in. Where are you located? Are you in NYC?

    The Queen of Hearts

  13. Yep, NYC! I can do red, black, and turquoise!