Photos by Christopher Smith and Nicky Digital

A couple shots from the new romantic party I hit up last week with Tess and Joey. I wore shorts and beetle boots and felt so COMFORTABLE!
Goths are weird. They don't really dance and mostly hid in the shadows in the corners of the club. We jumped on stage and danced all over until our legs gave out.
Outside, a straight brazilian man explained to me the specific type of breasts he would like to have which he described as "banana shape". He told me as a child, him and his friends accidentally watched a tranny porno they had mistaken for a straight one and now most of his friends are transexuals. Brazil usually makes me think of murder, Carmen Miranda, and that confusing Terry Gilliam film but now it makes me think of "banana tits".

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh this was a good night!!!! We showed all the boring wall goths how to have fun ;)



  2. Oh I adore your outfit! Looks kind of victorian, beautiful!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Goths are great that way :)

    You look fabulous. I can't decide what is the best part of this outfit, all of it is just superb.

  4. You're hilarious and you always look beautiful. never stop bloggingngng. xz