Me with Darian Darling, SWISS GUY, Michael J Allen, Lauren WK, Kayvon Zand, Ryan Du Tout, Allison Wonderland, Liam Casey, Miss Guy, and Donald Lanziero by Michael J Allen, Citizen Chris, Ryan Du Tout, and Austin Klein. 

I had so much fun at On Top last tuesday with Lauren WK. When we got there Joey Arias was dancing and singing on the bar and I got pulled up to dance on a podium. There were topless girls swinging on swings that hung over the pool. I ran into a bevy of friends from Seattle on the dance floor. Everyone in Seattle is moving to New York. Soon I'll have no reason to visit.
I went upstairs and pretended to smoke a cigarette but really I don't smoke so I just kind of posed with it. A swiss man gave me a really great foot massage. I think I made some new friends.
After an unnamed partygoer whispered to me that she peed in the pool I found my friend Eric swimming around in it. I dipped my legs in and Im not sure why. A guy in the bathroom line force fed me an expensive ham crepe which I don't remember having any real emotion about. Me and Lauren peed over the city which you will not understand unless you've been in the skyscraper floor to ceiling window bathrooms at Le Bain. I accidentally didn't get home till the sun came up and fell asleep in my drag. The End.
I'm wearing the new Palette De Antionette from Lime Crime. Detail shots tomorrow!!

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  1. Just realized I'm making the exact same dopey face in the first two pictures, hahaha. Durrrrr....

  2. Looks way fun! I'm visiting NY in September. Any suggestions on good nightlife?

  3. Great pictures, hair looks fab!


  4. Rachel L says:

    I love the last photo, mostly because you look absolutely fabulous in it, but also because wtf is going on behind you?! Haha.

  5. I want to party with you.
    Ashley x

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hat is fantastic. You are fantastic.