A closer look at my makeup for On Top last week. I used the new Palette D'Antionette from Lime Crime. Ribbonesque on top, Mercurious on my inner lids, and Absinthe-Minded on my lower lids. I used both Royal Flush and Macarooned on my cheeks. I thought the colors went well with my DIY Chanel brow strips! I used a few extra sequins under my eyes and finished off the look with a metallic bronze lipstick from Sephora.
I've been stuck in the early 1930s every time I go to On Top. I think I ought to mix it up a little next time!
Has anyone one else tried out Palatte D'Antionette?

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  1. Sabina says:

    Your eyes look amazing--even the little details like the bits of purple and green really add to the look.

  2. Anonymous says:

    STUNNING. Every detail is fabulous and comes together so well. This is random but your header is my absolute favorite out of any blog I've read :)

  3. Your look belongs straight on the runway! I adore that hat too, the material looks lush and everything goes so well together.
    It's taken me a while to appreciate that over-the-top eyebrow look, but it's really starting to grow on me lately.

  4. this make up thing is just dope!Really love it!

  5. Thanks everyone ! And special thanks to the header compliment!

  6. Can't believe how perfectly you do makeup! Loveeeee the eyebrows!