A closer look at my makeup for the Twelv Launch at Hotel Chantelle. Wearing Goldfish from the Lime Crime China Doll palate on my eyes and Armour gloss in Femme Fatale on my lips.
I wore one of the prettiest dresses I own- a sheer 1930's below the knee number decorated with sequin palm trees that criss-cross over the breasts. I wore leather shorts and a strapless bra underneath to play it down. I should have taken a full body shot. That means I'll just have to wear it again!

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  1. make up is amazing!!

  2. veruzkas says:

    i love your make up

  3. Sabina says:

    Those lips and lashes are amazing as is the outfit. Who would have thought pairing a biker jacket with a 1930s dress would work so well? Hope you enjoyed the launch.

  4. What I can see of that dress is beautiful - the palm trees are fab.

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  5. Pink room aside, you look tough as hell!