A few production shots from shooting the poster for Nurse Nancy- the short film I'm starring in coming out in October. We shot both inside and outside the hospital. After being in NYC it feels strange to be surrounded by so much space. You can see Washington State for miles. Angel Ceballos, one of my favorite photographers to work with, shot the promo photos and I'm itching to see them.
I can't wait to share more about the film with you and I'm excited to visit Seattle again in October for the premier! In the mean time, please enjoy my flawless bun.

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  1. Esz says:

    That dress is perfect! Is it vintage or modern? I want to make something like it :-D

    Do keep us posted on the film :-D

  2. Hey Esz! The dress is a vintage uniform that we had tailored to fit me. You should totally make something like it!

  3. The dress looks amazing and you fit the role perfectly. :)