I am honored to be the newest scent added to the Zombie Candle collection! That's right, the "STELLA!" candle is just about to be released and you can order one for your very own home! The candle is a glittery mint green and features a rosey-violety scent that's as sickeningly sweet as yours truly!
Zombee Candle is a rad indie candle company out of Louisiana started by the lovely Kate Hesson! I have her candles all over my room helping it to smell as purdy as it looks.
Buy the "STELLA!" candle today and fill your house with the sweet scent of ME!

P.S. An hour and a half and counting until The Glitter Collar Contest ends!! Click Here, "like" the page, and comment on the contest post to win a glitter collar in one of 3 colors!

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  1. Sam Davis says:

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