I loved making these quilted vinyl heart hats for Kindra and Laura so I was thrilled when I got another custom order for one in PINK. Obsessed with this bubble gum color. I need to find time to sew myself a whole costume from it! Anyway, how much do you love this design?
Also taking a moment to show off my new manicure by Michelle at Fierce Nail Spa in Harlem. I'm not keeping my purple hair come September so I figured if I wanted to get matchymatchy with a purple manicure, now was the time. Speaking of which, I love how big nail art has become. when my mom was my age she and her friend used to paint elaborate patterns on each others nails and then go down to the store and photocopy their hands so they could remember all the different designs. She still has the images. That was in the '70s. It only took 40 years for it to fully catch on.

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  1. LOVE the mani. :)


  2. Selina says:

    I think that's the most gorgeous hat I've ever seen.