The Lanvin video has finally dropped. I love hearing a little more about the other folks I met briefly through the casting and fitting. Honestly, everybody really does look like themselves– just a more glam version. Through the interviews for this I swear I was feeding them the weirdest answers to all their questions. Have you ever been in a situation that makes you realize what a certified weirdo you are? Recording this video was that for me which still makes me laugh. I secretly love those experiences. Being around people who I don't yet relate to and all the weirdness just comes out. I think thats why they chose that particular audio of me– it sounds a little like I'm talking about myself in third person. In reality I was talking about a certain public figure and you can try to guess who it is (and if you say Gaga I'll cut you).
One of the perks of this video is that I've learned to say important things in French. "C'est une psychopathe." Now there's a line that will get me a date!
Also,love to my frozen blueberry loving friend from set Sebastian Simon Lifschitz.

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  1. ali says:

    Bjork then? I think they should've given you more (sound) bite

  2. Anonymous says:

    just because I'm a little curious.. Don't you like gaga? ;D

  3. Not really. I mean, she looks kind of cool I guess but so do a lot of people.