You know that Seinfeld episode where Elaine finds that mannequin of herself? Well, it totally just happened to me!!! Today in Paris my lord and saviour Yvette happened, HAPPENED upon the newest thing to hit the Lanvin campaign- OUR VERY OWN FLAGSHIP STORE WINDOWS which feature not one but TWO STELLAS! This is amazing for several reasons that I will cite below.

1. There are two of me in Paris right now! Lately the universe has been beckoning me to Paris and through the "lets go to Paris" conversations and "come to Paris" tweets I've been convinced I would end up there sooner or later. Things always happen to me not quite as planned so yes, I did indeed make it to Paris and here is the plaster proof. That's plaster of Paris mind you (sorry, I had to).

2. If we were friends in high school you know how rad it is that there a mannequin of me, err.. two rather. Gwen La Femme would be proud.

3. I get mistaken in real life for a mannequin constantly. Really, it happens at least a couple times a month and always when I'm standing still. I've coined the term "mannequin realness" and damn it, this is more mannequin realness than I ever thought I'd be serving up.

They got my extra pale skin tone right. I wonder if they'll let me keep one of those "Stella" wigs after the season ends? Also I believe this is a photo of the unfinished window. I can't wait to see it all come together this week!

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  1. OMG! How creepy and how wonderful all at once. You totally need to go see them! I used to work in costumes at a theme park, and was mistaken for a mannequin/attraction a number of times. People can be so dumb :)

  2. That's awesome! You definitely have to go to Paris now!

  3. that's awesome! I want to check by myself (parisian here).
    I you ever travel here, I'll write you a tourist guide to vintage and cupcakes and vegan food :] Because I like to play the travel agency!

  4. Aurore Lucile says:

    You're in the French Vogue. And in the big fat Fall issue. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. ba san says:

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  6. Haute By Hayley says:

    That exact same thing happened to me the other weekend in San Fran! Trippy...

  7. Heaven says:

    Damn Lanvin is just all up in your life haha :)

  8. additron says:

    Gwen Lush LaFemme IS proud. She's been rockin crazy multicolored wigs for years. (Mostly to cover her concussion head.)

  9. Ha, I love all these comments!
    La Mome Neant: Yes please!! I'll totally hit you up... whenever I get it together to go to Paris not in plaster form ;)

  10. Sara says:

    no such thing as coincidence.. ;)