You might remember my brief post a month back about my visit with Yvette and Vivian of the style and culture blog Gallerina Off Duty. They came by to scope out my studio and of course my wardrobe and do a little interview with me. The interview is up on their site as of now in Mandarin but I've taken the liberty of translating it below so you can read it. Apologies if some of the sentences have translated strangely. I did the best I could without rewriting it.
Yvette and vivian are adorable and so sweet! I love how this article turned out! Leave a comment on Gallerina Off Duty if you like what you see!

Stella Rose Saint Clair, designer of the cutting-edge brand STELLA, and a super special girl that is difficult to ignore. 

The way we recognized Stella is in fact a series of coincidences. Remember Dry Goods– a small store that we featured before? We photographed Stella working there, lovely girl! When Yvette met her for the first time, she was impressed with her eyebrows, and her tall figure. One day Vivian payed a visit to another Vintage Shop owned by the mother of the owner of Dry Goods boss and purchased a fancy  chic collar (between friends, everyone knows that Vivian is mad about collars), immediately the enthusiastic proprietress told Vivian the collar is designed by a young and beautiful, but also quite stylish (likely to become New York's New It Girl) girl, and even enthusiastically showed a photo of the girl. That was when we found that the designer is Stella!

Born in New York but grew up in Seattle. In 2011, Stella moved back to New York to become a fashion designer. She re-settled in New York like a natural. This is the day we visited Stella's apartment-cum-studio, a super pink-pink painted room full of Stella's finest creations.

Each corner of the room is filled with her wide range of colorful collections. Watching her try wigs on her head is exceptionally cute!

The inside of her wrists feature a tattoo of Stella's own design–bow cartoon characters (If you look carefully this tattoo also appeared in Lanvin ad), and she wore a manicure from "Fierce Spa"– very fierce nails both conflicting and wonderful at the same time. 

V + Y: What piece of clothing are you most proud of in your collection?

S: My 1960's vintage pink leather jacket + pink leather knee-length A-Line skirt set.

(S: But you have to be very careful when wearing so much pink...)

(V + Y: Although there are no photos, the suit is indeed very Pink. If it is not worn on the fair-skinned, tall people, it will most likely become a disaster)

p.s. used to be a lot of exaggerated Favorites Lolita Lolita Style fans _ Stella, and now she is still quite concerned with the Japanese fashion style, but also tells us about  other wonderful popular fashions (for example, said to be currently very popular Cult Party Kei, her back to us watched her play Shibuya 109 sister precious photos!)

V + Y: Favorite color?

S: Pink and mint green 

V + Y: How about those hats in cupboards? 

S: Oh those are my collection! After I moved to New York my hat collection expanded, I have found many lost in thrift stores. I am constantly praised by individuals who see them.

About the same name brand STELLA

Currently she has only launched a colorful hand made  family of collars in  gold, silver, and navy blue. The next glitter designs will be considered in some of Stella's own love- pastel colors (S: But I'm still looking the right fabric). Exaggerated hair bow accessories (on top) are the forthcoming order to meet the younger fans.

V + Y: tell us about your latest designs and source of inspiration?

S: I intend to start doing a full range clothing collection (expected next year), including T-shirts and hats. You can see a few partially finished hats there in black with mauve (pale pinkish gray), I really like this mauve  color. As for inspiration, I have been in love with the 1960s style, but this time I intend to draw from 1930 period style, some of the basic elements such as heavy eyes, drama, and actress Marlene Dietrich as a muse. I hope to make some chic, but not overly cute designs.

V + Y: Your fashion icon?

S: 80's german singer and actress Nina Hagen! Also Barbie (Stella, very envious, said: "Barbie has perfect outfit for every occasion!" Immediately she came up with her ​​collection of Barbie books to show us)

V + Y: In addition your own designs and Dry Goods, are you doing any other projects?

S: Well, I also write columns on the Beautylish website. During the period of New York Fashion Week I'll be gathering content for them.

V + Y: Where do you usually go shopping? Do you recommend a "must go to" store?

S: It seems I have not yet found a "must go" shop, but I kind of like visiting Williamsburg's second-hand shop Beacon's Closet. But I recently discovered that they have shortcomings– taking vintage clothing "apart to sell" (for example taking a skirt with matching belt to sell as two separate products in two different regions of the store). This point I really do not agree with... I think each set of vintage has it's own story and personality. To separate a set is very sad.

V + Y: Do you usually go Brooklyn shopping?

S: Not really, I prefer Manhattan over Brooklyn, the pace of life there is too slow for me. (Stella, moved from Seattle and seems to like the relatively fast pace New York rhythm)

We asked Stella how she is preparing for NYFW and if she will appear in New York clothes and she immediately put on a leather dress to wear NYFW. Designer of the dress is her friend SENA.

V + Y: What do you do when you're not working?

S: Well it seems like I'm always at work (laughs), but sometimes I go clubbing, like at the Le Bain at The Standard Hotel and Westway.

V + Y: Favorite foods?

S: I'm obsessed with vegetarian Japanese restaurant SOUEN! They have very simple and light Japanese style dishes, ideal for vegans but also very healthy. (Stella is vegan)

V + Y: Tell us about your Lanvin ad, how did it come about?

S: Oh, it was actually totally random! I was just eating with friends in the Lower East Side, when a scout came looking for me to shoot a few photos, they totally did not mention this Lanvin ad. A few months later I suddenly received a call to audition over email. I originally thought it was misdirected! Later really went to audition but I did not place high hopes on it, the result turned out to be that I was selected. Shooting was great with photographer Steven Meisel, makeup artist Pat McGrath, the overall shape of Lanvin, director Albert Elbaz!

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