Blogging from my phone "hurricane style" since our cable went out. If you're wondering whether I'm okay, you might be relieved to know I'm just fine! No flooding or tree attacks on my street, and no power outages either. It looks exactly like Seattle outside and having this time to stay in has been great for working on past due projects and little things.

I've been seeing a ton of fantastic hurricane style on instagram. Printed rain ponchos, Vinyl headwear, high boots, and extra long scarves. Cocktails and candlelight. Things are not so romantic uptown but I can still put this vinyl turban to use if I need to run to the corner store I suppose...

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  1. meagan says:

    glad you are safe and sound! that hurricane looked terrifying on the news...

  2. Lali says:

    May I say that I looooove how you decorate your house?!