Since I'm now a black lipstick expert as well as the proud owner of every black lipstick ever, I need to start wearing it more often or I'll never be able to work my way through it. I think black lipstick has a bad reputation. It's a very extreme color that is usually associated with teenage angst and bed goth looks (as opposed to good ones, duh). I wanted to show you an example of a wearable black lip look that transitions easily from day night and is perfect for late October.

I did a really subtle smokey eye in a couple shades of plum and bronze. I think makeup with warm undertones bring out the purple hue that most black lipstick can take on which makes it appear more flattering. Rust colored eye shadow would be pretty too. I also used a whole lot of bright purple blush because I'm pale and black can look garish on me if I don't warm up my skin tone to it. I did a couple coats of mascara so my eyes still popped but didn't look over done. 

For the lips I used Portland Black Lipstick Company in Black with a dab or Armour gloss in Femme Fatale on top. I think glossy black looks high fashion and expensive, don't you?

Hat and dress are vintage. Eye shadows are from the Tarte holiday box set available late November!

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  1. Lali says:

    I can't get tired of my blacklipstick as well!



  2. Black lipstick looks amazing on you! I wish I could pull it off!

    Emma x

  3. Emma- I'm sure you could pull it off if you played around with other colors like I did here.

  4. Jaz N says:

    Black, blue and plum shades are my go to fall staples. But especially the black. I have Black Knight from MAC but because of you, I totally want to score the PBLC color. The packaging is amazing and its all natural which is definitely a plus.

  5. Jaz- I was sad I wasn't able to get my hands on Black Knight. I'm glad you like the PBLC packaging. I wasn't crazy about it but maybe I'm just crazy, haha!

  6. Ah, you pull it off so well.
    I pretty much own every black lipstick ever as well, ever since I did a review of all of the ones I could find in the UK.

    Good Morning Angel.

  7. L. Figment: I'm glad you understand.