It was my intention to create sparkly Halloween Nails but over the coarse of the last week they've moved in an entirely different direction. This is like Halloween and Easter combined. This is Cult Party Kei on my fingers.
Let me break it down for you. I started with a layer of glitter via Ciate's Sequin Manicure set in Super Duper. Then I visited legendary nail artist Naomi Yasuda (She does Beyonce' and Gaga FYI) who went over my glitter with Ciate Jewel and did two of my nails in an Orly pink with hand placed rhinestone spoooooky crosses! Finally, I attended a makeup launch the other day where manicurists did a diagonal french in Julep colors Carrie and Susie.
What do you think? Can I possibly fit anything ELSE on my non halloween nails? I'll have to save my black and orange ideas for next April...

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  1. Lali says:

    I loved the whole story of how your nails end up like that!
    Btw, is this your natural ones?



  2. Thanks! Nope, these are gels!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Over the COURSE; sorry I'm a grammar freak

  4. Why are you an anonymous grammar freak? I'm gonna leave it spelled wrong until you tell me who you are!