Recently I was interviewed on the Young Offenders site about life and my personal style philosophy. Since it's all in Spanish, I've taken the liberty of providing a translation below! Be sure to check out the interview page for photos!
Lanvin's Fall 2012 campaign used real models, people like you and me, more or less. Among these models is Stella Rose Saint Clair, a dream come true to see her face in ads for Lanvin worldwide. Stella has a blog, a line of accessories and is a freelance writer Beautylish.

In the interview we talk about her line of accessories and how she plans releasing a more extensive line. She also tells me how it was working with industry greats and newest fashions from Lanvin.

Who is Stella Rose?
I’m still trying to figure that out. Currently Stella Rose is an internet presence, a beauty writer, a part time model, a girl dipping her stiletto into the world of fashion, and a very good cook. She’s a hard worker who’s never dressed down, and her hat collection is at least 10 times the size of yours.

What inspires you?
Currently the color mauve, black leather, gourmet food, gold nail polish, and the music used in the trailer for The Exorcist 2.

What is your biggest dream about your fashion career?
I can only hope it's successful. Not in the eyes of others as much as in the eyes of myself. I'm very hard on myself but whatever comes from my career in the fashion world, I hope it's something I can feel proud of and feel that I worked hard for it.

You are a fashion designer, I just saw your site and you only do sort-of accessories, are you gonna do something else?
Yes! I'm currently working on a small collection to release next season. It's a huge challenge, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be for it. Expect more rad hats, as well as tops, bottoms, and a few things in between.

You get involved a lot with your readers, do you consider yourself a big fashion blogger?
I think that there are many bloggers bigger than I am who follow a much more traditional fashion blog formula. I jump back and forth between calling myself a fashion blogger and not being sure what to calls myself at all. I don't think I suit the role of a traditional fashion blogger. I don't wear enough “lita” shoes and floral blazers from Topshop to fit into that realm. I also think the traditional blog formula is on the outs and blogging is becoming much more instantaneous with web platforms such as Instagram making the sharing of blog-worthy information so up-to-the-minute. I’m interested to see what’s next for the world of bloggers.

I have to say I love your glitter collar, where come the idea of working with glitter and big stuff like big bows and that? Is it a part of your personality?
Definitely. I am a drag queen at heart and I love incorporating humor and fantasy into my designs. I think it’s important to have fun with fashion and, while I enjoy making modern and wearable pieces, I like my designs to provide an element of transformation to the wearer. Those are things I look for when I shop for garments myself.

You use a lot of make up. What are your favorites products? Which one do you always use?
I cannot live without my liquid eyeliner. I use Limecrime Uniliner in Quill. I also love lipsticks in every color.  My favorite lipstick that I own is one my mom passed down to me, and I only have the tiniest scrapings of it left. It's the most brilliant red I've ever seen, and someday I plan to get it replicated so I can continue to wear it.

Which are the accessories/ make up/ clothes / shoes of the season for you?
I'm excited about dark red lips and long hair. I love vintage knits in the fall- they don't make knitwear like they used to. I just bought the most amazing chunky knit black, orange, and cream sweater dress for $10 that someone must have handmade forty years ago. The detail in it is incredible. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to wear it!

You make and apparence in the Lanvin Campaign 2012. How was the experience?
It was amazing. Really incredible. It felt like a dream to be able to work with such industry legends, and dress up in the clothing which was exquisite. The entire thing was an unexpected, but exciting surprise.

What is the best thing of appearing in a Lanvin Ad? Did you get execited of see yourself in the ad?
I did. It's a bit strange to open Harpers Bazaar or Vogue Paris and see myself among the pages, though part of it doesn't feel strange at all. I have a lot of unexpected things happen to me and this is no exception.

Anything else you wanna say to our readers?
Just keep watch on my blog and twitter for updates on my first collection release as well as the food site I'm currently launching!