Come December, I'm obsessed with red lipstick. Bright cherry red practically screams holiday party to me and I LOVE a holiday party, mostly because it means pigging out. Last December I spent practically the entire month in my sparkly red Lime Crime Carousel Gloss and it looks like this December I'll be rotating shades as my collection grows. I plan to wear red lips with long pigtails and winged liner and fuzzy hats. Sometimes I'll gloss them or maybe highlight them in gold or cover them in red glitter for special occasions. They are classy and outrageous all at once and till January, I'm all about them!

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  1. Lali says:

    Lovely! I love red lips also!
    I've tagged you, check out my blog later :)



  2. Thank you lali! I wish I had time to participate but I'll share some facts soon anyway since I've been tagged a few times recently. Haha , I'm bad at this! ;)