Last night I threw my first house party in New York for my birthday. I was inspired by the sets in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette to create a sort of parlor set up with decadent treats everywhere you look! Vegan chocolate cupcakes, french sugar cremes, rose turkish delight, cotton candy bonbons, pearlized pastel gum balls, jordan almonds, and macarons in vanilla, pistachio, rose, and violet.

Looking at these photos I am overwhelmed with how beautiful my friends are! I feel very lucky to have such colorful, interesting, and creative people in my life and it was awfully fun to cram all of them into my pink palace! I hand painted a pretty room to house extra guests and filled it with goodies and champagne. Bottles and bottles. Everyone wore stripes but it was completely accidental. All the sweets got eaten and everyone danced to french pop, Gene Pitney, and music from Beetle Juice. My friends dog stopped by but she never made it. My bed became so filled with trannies that it collapsed and my coat rack did as well after being piled with vintage furs. My amazing gifts included a bejewelled camel sculpture, a beautiful rose studded hat, macaroons, and cupcakes, vintage lace, a beautiful pink victorian collar, and two incredible portraits.
All in all it was a successful evening! Thank you to everyone who came and to Derek Dewitt for these amazing pictures!

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  1. Lali says:

    I loved how the photos are with a vintage look on it!