A sampling of my amazing birthday presents which include 2 hats, an amazing cat candle, 2 incredible portraits, a pink victorian collar, a bejeweled camel, and a hand drawn card by my grandfather. I love all of them! I have some very thoughtful friends!

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  1. Whitney says:

    2 things: Jughead hat is awesome, I need one of those!!! Site redesign is looking nice, but the "post a comment" link is pretty much invisible.

  2. Lali says:




  3. Sabina says:

    What fab presents, especially the portraits. Happy birthday.

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Whitney: There's a story behind the hat. Also, yes, 1 of just a couple things that need to be sorted out. Getting there!

  5. Happy birthday! I'm sure you are so much fun to buy/make gifts for. I love friends/family who are fun and gracious. So much easier to buy for.

  6. Nicci says:

    Happy belated birthday! Your gifts look super cute, especially the illustrations of you!