A closer look at my Halloween makeup that I threw together in 20 minutes after work. I'm totally obsessed with this confetti I picked up on Canal Street and I love the brows I was able to turn out with it! I just tapped it on after applying a few swipes of spirit gum. I added a little definition and some end points with black liquid liner and there you have it!
There were a few things swimming around in my head at the time including Nina Hagen in African Reggae. Actually, I'm not sure I intended to base the look so strongly on Nina's but unintentionally referencing Nina Hagen is what I do best. 

My eyeliner and black shadow are Lime Crime. The purple and pink shadow is Sugarpill. My lips are lined in NYX pencil, filled in with Lime Crime's D'lilac, and finished with Armour Gloss in Candy.

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  1. Vivian says:

    I've seen at least 3 outfit of yours labeled as "halloween outfits" XDD did you change through the day and went to different parties? You look awesome anyway, Halloween or not, as usual! <3

  2. Lali says:

    Loved ur makeup



  3. Stunning make-up, you look amazing!