I spent hours making these glitter-encased Christmas postcards by hand, but it was totally worth it cause they turned out so cool. The background image is one I took of my bedside table which I stenciled over and encased in vinyl pouches that I filled with glass glitter and vintage ephemera. Honestly, I'm surprised the post office even mailed them!
Last Christmas I sent my cards out with chocolates enclosed in the envelopes. One envelope was returned because I wrotethe address wrong, but someone had tore a hole in the corner and eaten the chocolate! So dumb.

I wish I could have sent these to everyone I know but I suppose making them was a lesson to create simpler ones in a larger quantity next year.

Did anyone else send out cards this year?

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  1. I will! I'll use ink and quills.

  2. Ah! Your cards are so cute!
    I make mine too, though they look a lot less edgy than yours.

    Good Morning Angel.