Last Thursday was the VIP opening for the Hello Kitty, Hello Art show at Openhouse Gallery here in NYC! Tess and I went as reps for our friend's new Sanrio partnered line Japan LA in a bevy of Hello Kitty gear! The show was great, and we got a hefty amount of photo time in with Betsey Johnson who contributed some art of her own to the event!

We gorged on giant pink frosted gingerbread cookies, and peppermint bark, oh, and chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles! I also drank my share of mystery pink cocktails, There were two kinds– light pink and dark pink, my favorite flavors!
I leant Tess my glitter tee shirt because it went great with her galaxy leggings, and I rocked it out in what I do best: drag served up extra kawaii. Can you believe the curls are my real hair?? I'm loving this Japan LA kitty dress that I get to keep! Jealous? Get one for yourself here!
Hilariously, this is the second time I've dressed as Hello Kitty. The first incarnation involved pigtail buns, a lot of Angelic Pretty, a pedophillia theme party, and listening to the theme song to the Hello Kitty TV show on repeat for 3 hours straight until I went so crazy that I found myself in full lolita eating pizza out of the garbage behind a punk show venue that let me in free because of my outfit. KITTY KITTY!

My dress is Japan LA. My ring, socks, bag, and head bow are Angelic Pretty. My tights are Topshop. My shoes are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. My jacket is vintage. My brows, eyeliner, and lipstick are Lime Crime.

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  1. Nice stuff.. Keep posting ..

  2. Shiana says:

    This is amazing !