My January inspirations are gloomy moody and cozy all at once! I'm still so used to Seattle January which was the worst month of the year in the endlessly dreary city. It would pour rain everyday and all your hats would blow off your head. Here in NYC it's sunny with blue skies most days which is a welcome change, but it's cold as all hell and still gets dark at like, 4 in afternoon. I've decided to embrace the chillyness of this month and here are my favorite things to do that with:

♥I'm obsessing over murky hair color right now and have ended up dip-dying over my faded lilac with a grey/green. Grunge hair to the max. I don't know who that is in the photo above but if someone knows please tell me! Is it YOU? ♥ I'm digging the creepy lip colors right now as well. Urban Decay's Oil Slick, Lime Crime's Serpentina, and Portland Black Lipstick Company's ultimate pitch black lipstick are total January DO's.♥ All I want this month is tea with a jolt of caffeine to wake me up when the sky turns dark. What's more glam for a January girl than Lady Grey? Blackened floral tea for moody beauties everywhere. Drink out of a sarcastic pretty vintage tea cup.  ♥ If I'm feeling grungy I'd better be listening to my favorite angry girl/grunge music! I spent the better part of high school listening to Hole and Bikini Kill and I won't stop now. ♥ It's cold as fuck and I'm wearing as much black leather as possible. It's angry, it's snotty, and it keeps me toasty. Stay tuned for a look at my big heavy vintage black leather dress I bought myself recently. Tis the season for colorless bulk. ♥ I love grey nails for January! My favorite pick is Mouse by American Apparel which is a little pink and a little beige, but grey just the same. Depressing nail art for rainy days. ♥ Lastly, when it does rain, you'll need a big fancy rubber bag! I just got a Furla Candy carryall and it would keep my trusty iPhone dry even in the meanest of rainstorms. And it's totally cute, duh. Beginning of the year glamour all the way!♥

That's all folks! What will you be rocking this month?

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  1. sulkygrl says:

    Tantalized by Portland Black Lipstick Co.'s Pitch Black lipstick. I've heard so many good things about it, yet it's just out of my reach! really wishing for a credit card right now! :)

  2. Orelie says:

    Hi :)
    The color resembles to 'pine green' or 'peacock blue' from the brand Crazy Colour. You can get it at their website or other hair related webshops :)


    It's super duper easy stuff, but it washes out rather quickly so I do advice to buy a couple of bottles if you want to keep it for a longer time.

    Love, Orelie from Belgium

  3. Anonymous says:

    When an aging hipster knows they're getting too old for all of this but doesn't know what else to do.

  4. Anonymous comments...
    When a stupid jerk knows they look like an asshole for saying something but doesn't know what else to do.