These are some of the last photos taken at my old place. That's right folks, I've finally moved downtown and I'm very excited about it even though it meant giving up my big pink cake box room. I'll just have to paint up a new pink room and I plan to very soon!

If you've been wondering where I've been for the past couple weeks, you now know that I've been packing things up, carrying heavy boxes, and doing other not-so-glamorous things like wearing jeans and making a mess. Life is beginning to come back together again though and hopefully my new downtown life will be three times as fun as my uptown one.

This was an outfit I wore right before moving to a fancy but early party in a midtown artist studio. I bought myself this Moschino dress as a birthday present in November with no regrets! It's a gorgeous piece. This outfit felt a bit "waiting for Spring" with all the soft colors. It was still warm out when I took these and today there is snow on the ground. Spring must be a long way off...

Headscarf and stole are vintage. Dress is Moschino. Shoes are alberta Ferretti. Lipstick is OCC Lip Tar in Electric Grandma.

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  1. Lali says:



  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your outfit and hair, you look incredible xx


  3. Adelleda says:

    Oh my gosh that lipstick name- "electric grandma" that makes so much sense for this outfit because girl, you're on fire!

  4. Love it! And that dress is wonderful!!

  5. Lady, I adore your shoes and the stole! Not to mention the make-up... classy and edgy. And the slightly grainy photography really wins my heart ahah!
    For some reason, you remind me a bit of Cindy Sherman in this one!


  6. the scarf is oscar de la renta! :)

  7. This dress is so crazy... sweet!

    You look so chic!

    Check out my latest outfit, pink conservative skirt:


  8. Thanks ladies!
    Sacha- ahaha, you're right! ;)