Things have been a little chaotic in my life recently since I've been in a state of moving house for the past couple weeks. Is "moving house" a valid state to be in? It sure feels like it. All of my things remain in boxes because I have no furniture, and finding my way around them has been confusing above anything. How does one get ready in the morning when their favorite hats are in an unmarked box, and they can't remember which area of the apartment they left their hairbrush? What a disaster...

Somehow,  I expected getting settled would be something I could accomplish in a week, but trying to balance setting up a new place with work and daily tasks is definitely proving difficult! I only hope to be fully back in action as soon as possible. Leaving my pink cake box of a bedroom was sad but it was definitely time to expand. Here's to a new chapter in NYC!

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  1. love your blog