I’ve been wanting to share these shots for months that I posed for for the cover of The Unlimited Magazine. I brought all my cream, black, and fur items to photographer Greg Vaughan‘s studio and played dress up against the white backdrop. We shot up in this tall building which was filled with sunlight. Such a fun afternoon

I’m putting a lot of my mothers vintage to work in these shots including the sheer pieces, my magnificent black sun hat, and my studded cuffs! I was going for a retro glamour meets punk rock feeling. Of course, when am I not! Are you as bananas over these images as I am?
All photos by Greg Vaughan 

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  1. Those purple eyebrows are to die for. Gorgeous set ♥

  2. Lovely pictures. The turban! Love it!

  3. you look amazing. I love your blog. lucyx

  4. Lali says:

    beautiful! the eyebrows are awesome


  5. Milex says:

    I like your way of thinking

  6. Beautiful, you look so lovely in every color. BTW I love the lavender eyebrows.

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