I've been holding this in since April and I'm ecstatic that I can FINALLY share it with you!! I am one of 12 faces of the Lanvin FW2013 campaign! Can you believe it? Sometimes I can't!
The details of the shoot were like a fairy tail. Consider that I moved to NYC to break into the fashion world and found myself wound up in something like this!
I've thought of a few ways to go about this blog post but first I will answer your pending questions.

Yes, I was street cast for this. If anyone is trying to make you feel bad for looking different I am telling you now that this is where being yourself will get you.
Yes, Steven Meisel shot this. He was very nice and the shoot went completely smoothly. It was an absolute honor to shoot with him and his team.
Yes, Alber Elbaz was there. He dressed me- hand picked my outfit and everything while a team of french ladies put me into it. Both sample dresses were too big on me and I was pinned into this one. So take that everyone who has a problem with skinny models.
Yes, the styling team was top notch. How top notch? How about Pat McGrath and Guy Guido top notch? Yes, Pat touched my face. I can now cross that of the list.
Yes, the dog in the photo is real and was adorable. They also let me listen to my favorite song- Cleo Cleopatra while shooting. If you know that song then you should be laughing.
Yes, expensive clothes feel as good as they look.

Anyway, there are a few approaches I could take with this entree. At first I wanted to be all-

But I think I got that out on Facebook. Then I was thinking I could take the remorseful approach:
I mean, all through middle school I was called ugly and teased until I believed it and now I'm in a fucking Lanvin ad. This is for everyone who's ever made me feel like crap or inadequate or made me feel like I couldn't accomplish amazing things. For anyone who's wronged me or lost me. Cause I'm in a Lanvin ad and you ain't! Suck on THAT.

But both of those really get on my nerves because in the end, I'm not really either of those people. At least not for more than a few moments every day- lets get real... Really I only want to express how amazing this is and how excited I am to see it go to print (it's already made it to WWD). Lanvin is a gorgeous line and I have a new and personal appreciation for it after being able to experience Elbaz's world first hand. This was really a true gift especially for someone like me looking to learn about this industry. I can't thank everyone involved enough!
Now excuse me while I blast this everywhere....

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll use this opportunity to say that I love you. :D Seriously girl how amazing are you?! <3

  2. Unknown says:

    I knew that was you! I was like omg is that Stella rose? So amazing congrats! Seeing that inspired me so much to never give up! So happy for you

  3. This is truly incredible! Congratulations! And bullies can eat shit! :-D xxx

  4. kathryn says:

    I saw the reveal on another blog and was stunned, in my head shouting "OMG THAT'S STELLA!!"

    congratulations! I've always thought you were the prettiest girl on the internet ever since your first post on daily_lolita :p

  5. Unknown says:

    How wonderful!! Congratulations! You look absolutely fabulous! XO

  6. That is amazing! You deserve it, and you look stunning! :)

  7. Droogette says:

    Wow!! That's amazing - don't forget us when you're famous! :D xxxx

  8. Mr. Tiny says:

    SPECTACULAR!!! What an amazing opportunity. The photo is BEAUTIFUL! Congratluations!

  9. modadia1 says:
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  10. Esz says:

    Holy crap! Congratulations!! WOW. And yeh, all the haters can stick it - isn't it often the kids that get picked on at school that make the most out of their lives?
    Love your hair in the shot :-) And everything is amazing. YAY!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of you before and then someone in Seattle linked to you and we are now big fans of your blog and your outlook. Congratulations on the ad and we hope to see more from you in the coming years. ET VOILA!

  12. Oh WOW! That's amazing, congratulations!!

  13. Sabina says:

    Holy mackerel! That's amazing--and the ad looks amazing too. Shot by Steven Maisel, no less. What a dream.

    Congrats. And this is also a lesson why shouldn't automatically ignore someone who asks if you model on the street! Sometimes they have a legitimate reason for asking. :-D

  14. Marlena says:

    OMFGGGG! Congrats Stella!! *0* The ad looks totally amazing! <3

  15. What a well deserved honor- New York really has been a fairy tale for you hasn't it? What an inspiration!

  16. Cupcakes says:


    This is an amazing news!

    You are PERFECT for this ad!

  17. aldsjaldjlajdljakdj CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    I've never commented on your blog, but I've been following it for quite a long while, so I thought I'd start now. I think you're majorly fabulous and I know that you're going to be spectacular in the fashion industry. I just KNOW it. I mean, for one thing, you actually have a UNIQUE perspective. Your style rocks! laskdja really excited for you! Can't wait for the day when I'll be like, "Pffft, yeah, called it. I've been following her blog forever."

    Anyways. Congratulations again and to much more amazingness to come! Eeek!

    P.S. Do you think you do a "Blast to the Past" -esque post? I'd love to see your style from middle school/ teenage years/ a few years ago and see how it has evolved! Please? :)


  18. esther says:

    wowww! this is amazing! congrats!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I loved this post! Your voice is so refreshingly honest and the passion you have for your art bleeds into every post. Love it! Congratulations!

  20. Thank you everybody!! I'm overwhelmed with all of your nice comments! This is just the beginning of a very wild ride. I am taking you all along with me!

  21. Unbelievable, what an amazing opportunity. That must have been so much fun! :)

  22. RA says:


  23. Aaah!! This is so exciting! I'm from Seattle, so I'm incredibly proud and happy to see you in the campaign! Chictopia just tweeted about it :)

  24. I saw a huge poster of you in Bangkok, Thailand and was like, "Wait a second, I KNOW that person!!"

  25. Wait, really??! I didn't know they were doing posters. Is there any way you could get a picture??

  26. Or if you have info as to where it is I can send a friend who is visiting there currently! :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    "Both sample dresses were too big on me and I was pinned into this one. So take that everyone who has a problem with skinny models.what does that even mean? You're super skinny too." congratulations. 99% of the world is not and 99% of those "skinny" models have eating disorders. congratulations on being the 1%. NEAT-O for you. way to stand up for yourself. your life must be so hard.

  28. Ladies and gentlemen, the Occupy Stella's Blog movement has arrived! Set up the tents!