After moving down the street from a few popular NYC nightclubs, I can finally start turning out extra-wacky drag looks without worrying about subway drama or cab fare. I went pompadour glam for an Elvis/Bowie birthday bash last week and ended up looking like some sort of Nina Hagen Smutty Smith hybrid which could never be a bad thing.

Lesson of the night was, if you don't have a matching top, just don''t wear one! I look like a big drag lesbian in my topless moto look but at least my lovers Hester Sunshine and Gigi Rose are cute as can be! Here's to the drag looks of the future 2013!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Lali says:

    I love how created you can get!


  2. Anonymous says:

    You look great! Like Lady Gaga at her best xx


  3. Peps says:

    Haha, brilliant!

    Once I went to a costume party and dressed as a nudist because I couldn't decide what to wear. I made a nudist suit of old stockings and glued real hairs to it. It was disgusting and awesome at the same time :D

  4. Unknown says:

    oh my gosh.. I love you and where have you been all my life!- Kisses- Lacountress Springs -

  5. asaszr says:

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