Lets talk snow. Like, lots of snow. The sky just took a big fat dump on NYC and I spent exactly half of Fashion Week dragging my self around in it. Not to say that dragging isn't something I do regularly, but this time the experience involved far less weave and faux lashes, and far more freezing winds and random flying ice pieces. During NYFW looking good is officially a mega-priority. But when is it NOT!?

So what do I wear in a blizzard?! Below are the 10 main components of my NYC blizzard look. All fluff no puff. Real tough stuff, no?

1. What can't Over The Knee Socks do?? Okay don't answer that. Even though over the knee socks won't wash my dishes, or advise me about my problems, they sure do keep my legs toasty under and over everything. And when I get hot, I can scrunch them down and look like I'm in Flash Dance. Get a pair in black, or red if you're nasty, and pull those suckers up HIGH.

2. I swore off wearing Skinny Black Denim Jeans for ages until I realized wearing rain boots with nearly everything else made me feel like a clown– more so than I do already! What's great about skinny jeans in a dark color is that you can layer them over socks or tights, and then under a dress keeping you extra warm so you can keep on trekking!

3. Please, stay away from yellow galoshes. They make your feet look giant, and they match virtually nothing unless you're my friend Mischa. Invest in some Cute Boots. Heck, get a few pairs. I like Vivienne Westwood's line for Melissa for low snows. Hunter has some surprisingly chic options as well with fleecy boot socks that fit inside and give you a cozy kankle look. Is that how you spell kankle? Why should I know?

4. The Collared Undershirt is your best friend. I'm telling you, never mind about the rest of the top. It's the collar that works wonders when layering. You can now stuff 5 stupid tee shirts on to your waifish little frame, and as long as the first layer is your collared shirt, you're still gonna look chic. Get one in white. Then in black. Then go crazy. American Apparel makes some totally overpriced slip-on ones in this potentially meltable poly-fake material, and the only reason I'm recommending them is because I got mine at a sample sale for cheap.

5. Is there a reason you haven't yet purchased a Leather Dress? I'm not talking about some slutty Forever 21 backless mini thing. I'm talking stuffy, long sleeved, and straight forward. I bought myself this awful one on Ebay and ripped out the deluxe shoulder pads, and now it fits me like a leather pencil sack and it's great. Layer this over your collared shirt and you'll be extra warm and on point with a look that works both day and night. If you find a cheap pleather version of this, don't pass it up. Pleather breathes terribly which will keep you feeling HOT, and that's just what you need.

6. Why are you not taking advantage of Fluffy Earrings? I wear a pair of vintage mink earrings in the cold which act as tiny mini ear muffs for my lobes– a concept that sounds filthy to me now that I've typed it out. Eeew. I swear it looks better than it sounds...

7. Okay, so every time I pull on my black Knit Hat I feel like I should start taking selfies for Tumblr. Not that I don't LOVE Tumblr. And selfies. The thing about a knit hat is, it stays put. I own over 100 beautiful hats, but it's my 2 ugly ones that come out when the snow hits because they don't blow away. Just paint on some mega-lips so people still recognize you under all that synthetic fiber, though I recommend WOOL.

8. When conditions are wet, the Plastic Purse is suddenly practical! I know purchasing that clear vinyl backpack made you feel totally throwback Claire's boutique 1998, but you'll have the last laugh when everyone else is complaining about their saturated knockoff MK's.

9. And finally, snow gets in your eyes when it falls. This sucks for two reasons. 1. It hurts. And 2. It like, totally fucks up your eyemakeup. Actually, I try to go linerless most snow days, but sometimes the day just calls for wings, shadow, and shading. Let a pair of Fierce Frames be your snow goggles by day and if travelng after dark is dire, Top your look off with some clear ones. Everyday eyeglass wearers need not apply!

Pictured: Glasses are Miu Miu. Bag is Furla. Shirt is SENA. Shoes are Melissa. Earrings and Dress are Vintage.

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  1. Sabina says:

    That's a good tip re: sunglasses for snow goggles. Somehow I never think to wear this time of year. And I love your hat though yeah as you said lately it's all been about knit caps that don't fly off. I look forward to wearing all my wide-brim hats again but there's nothing chic about chasing them down the street and fishing them out of muck/slush puddles.

  2. Yeah, I need to devise a good brimmed hat attaching scheme!

  3. -b9 says:

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