Me and The Husband went to a pretentious fashion show on Sunday and decided to dress up like assholes. I wore my vintage Lily Ann coat that I splurged on recently. Isn't it gorgeous??

This was Kevin's outfit, follow him on Lookbook boys!:

The show ended up being a really hyped up Zebra Club fall fashion show. I wasn't even aware Zebra Club sold "fashions" were you? I certainly didn't see any there. Well okay, 1 striped blouse that I kind of wanted but thats really all. Its like all the crazy lights and celebrity hosts were supposed to distract you from the dullness that is ready to wear american street style. We snuck out halfway through the event for Wendys fries. I really think they complement my ensemble, don't you?
Fries and champagne are the official fake fashion snob diet.Kids, don't eat at Wendys unless you are planning to accessorize with the products.
Onto less snobby adventures...

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  1. A. S. G. says:

    i just found you on lookbook and i'm sorry to say this, but may i marry you wardrobe ?

  2. A.S.G.- Sure! My wardrobe is still single. Finding a giant tuxedo to cram it all into for the ceremony may prove to be a challenge though!
    NARK- Yes we do! Lets think of more inappropriate places to eat junk food. Maybe we can reverse it and eat (vegan) caviar at a cock fight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love both outfits! so snazzy

  4. Thanks! Yay, I'm glad we are still following each others blogs now that I've moved!