Friday was the last Fringe ever. It's been going weekly for a little under a year and the rotating themes have kept me dressed to impress. For the final fringe I opted for a dark funeral-esque look and piled on as much black fringe as I could. Can anyone say fringe false lashes? You saw it here folks!

I also wanted to share some of the relentlessly wild looks I found at the party.
This one is always flawless:

Fuzzy and blue:

Miss Amoania:

I didn't even recognize Peter:

Our shot boy:

Human disco balls, Vintage Youth:

What the fuck, Rheal:

Me with Rheal and Lyle:

Lurking in the mirror:

R.I.P. Fringe! Thank you for many a sparkle covered night!

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  1. if that's some of the fringe I gave you- you did very good with it!