On Saturday me and Wiggy Stardust were gogo dancers at Girl 4 Girl and we decided to go as "scissor sisters" which was actually my boyfriends idea! The theme was "Diva" so we just kind of combined the two and came out looking like this:

Nobody could tell us apart even though our hairstyles were different. Do you think we look alike?

We made the headpieces out of some novelty scissors Wiggy found at Archie Mc Phee:

I still had makeup on from the Tokyo fashion show earlier that day! I just darkened it a little and added the star.

I'm glad I know how to do star makeup now! I got really OCD about making it perfect and it's still a little uneven. How can Paul Stanley manage to get his so perfect night after night???

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  1. I can't tell you guys apart eek. Tho I've been staring at the pic for a while and just noticed that you have a beauty mark and your friend has a piercing above her lip hahaha

    You two look so gorgeous :D Makeup looks really hard to do.

  2. Miss O- Thats what we were thinking! It must be a stencil formed to the contours of his face!

    Mimi-Aw thanks! Haha, yeah we surprised this girl that night who had been talking to both of us without realizing there were two of us!

  3. you both looked so amazing and made the magic of that night really come alive! Thank you soooo much! I cant wait to see what you come up w/ next! xo Fuchsia

  4. Yay! Thanks for having us Fuchsia!

  5. So cute, wanna have a dress like that too °.°

    Love Glitzerpony

    P.S.: Going to follow you, your style rocks!

  6. Thanks! Keep your eye out for one on the 80's rack at vintage shops!