I'm channeling Spank all the way and going Fairy Kei to the max! I feel dumb because I forgot to wear my white mirror 80's glasses in these pictures and they kind of made the outfit...
Never the less, behold my AMAZING Spank-esque sweatshirt. I found this at a huge vintage sale last year in NYC. A costume shop that rented for TV and Movie wardrobe needs as going out of business and I scored this authentic 80s piece of magic for less than 10 bucks!!!

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  1. hay I'm LawAKA Bettie off Lookbook, yeah that girl was dumb to chose a Vegan. Glad you have a blog and I love your style. It reminds me of Audrey Kitching and I bloody love her. Hope you are well, fuck the haters babe. You rock xxxx

  2. Thanks! I put Audrey's blog in my feed recently. I think she partially inspired my pink hair. Apparently she is also a vegan!