I decided I'm not going to keep the pink hair but I think I'll embrace it for the next week or so before I dye it back to silvery white. I'm busting out all my pink crap and piling it all on. Pink hair really does look best when it's worn with PINK!

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  1. Thanks Sacha! See, I told you I was considering dying my hair!

  2. OMG Girl you are the cutest girl ever! My favorite color is pink and I this is amazing! I wish I could live in a place where people won't think i'm crazy when i wear these kind of clothes.Beautiful picture. this one goes to my tumblr!

  3. Aw thanks! Don't worry, people think I'm crazy too. Actually most of the time they think I'm Lady Gaga which is annoying.
    Ha, maybe I'll find this reposted a bunch on Tumblr in a few weeks. I keep running into pictures of people I recognize on various Tumblr blogs!