On Saturday the Bunka Womens college in Tokyo put on a fashion show here in Seattle. I grabbed some local lolita ladies to accompany me to the event.
I gave myself my little pony hair with a pink to silver fade. God, I can't wait until my hair is really this long:

I can't believe my friend Erik found this amazing sailor dress at Goodwill! It's from the early 90's and it's in perfect condition! I think it was made for me. Also I'm a dork. Do you like the new pastel manicure?:

I went with my Gay Husband, Kevin Kauer:

Here is our crew. These girls made a lot of their own gear. Indigo made her black and white striped skirt and our colorful friend towards the left made her purple dress AND her mint green blouse! I suspect miss Aimee in the middle also made her own frock.

Totally want this girl to make me a wild blouse now!

Camille was at the show too in a 50's housewife meets pirate lady get up, the beginnings of a new trend in fashion I hope:

The fashions were totally wild at the show though I feel like they have been better in the past. Nevertheless, I present you with... The Neo Garden Party look:

The outer space ball pit coordinate (actually this lit up in the dark!):

And my personal favorite the one legged jumpsuit from the teddybear leatherette collection:

Is anyone else craving a faux leather onesie besides me?? Just checking...

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  1. Jeniffer says:

    seriously pretty...

    please participate on the giveaway in my blog...

  2. Aw thanks lady! I'll check it out.