Betsey paid a visit to her Seattle boutique this week and a handful of us showed up to gush at her in person! She was so sweet and full of energy hugging guest after guest and tirelessly posing for pictures with all of us! I look like a major dork but atleast I'm happy She even signed my Betseyville wallet! She wore this casually wild fuchsia striped maxi dress and looked beautiful!
Lots of guests turned out in their Betsey (and Betsey inspired) best:

Justin wears BJ leggings from her fall 2010 collection:

Sterling showing his Lagerfeld side:

Toya looks sweet with an oversize bow, BJ jewelry, and is that a BJ cardigan too?

Camille in a sunny floral top and fascinator hat:

Kindra turns it out in a betsey hat, top, and glitter Pollys:

Fuchsia wore her favorite fuchsia BJ dress!:

Also, Fuchsia got a repaint on her zebra tip nails so we needed to update our nails twins pic. I give you NAIL TWINS 2.0!:

Speaking of nails, I spotted these on a girl in front of me. If you can't match to your friend, match to your phone!:

Indigo looking super adorable with a friend on each side. I LOVE the girl on the left! Such a pitch perfect lolita look:

Terra and Rose bring you the darker side of Betsey:

The Atomic Bombshells wee gogoing in the window the whole time! Betsey jumped in with them!

I love this photo of Jamie, it looks like a double exposure:

Ruby Mimosas butt! Thats how you sell a dress!:

Thats all from Betseyville, WA. I leave you with my outfit post of the day:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the lolita on the left in that pic is megan bly! she's so cute!

  2. I wish I had photographed her eyes, her contacts were amazing!